1What is a Professional Organizer?
A Professional Organizer is someone who helps you overcome clutter and disorganization to make your life less stressful and your time more efficient. In other words: someone who turns chaos into calm. Professional organizers offer judgment-free and empathetic assistance in achieving your goals.
2Why Hire a Professional Organizer?
A Professional Organizer will help you organize your clutter and create user friendly systems to help you keep it that way. Together, we will find the most efficient use of your space to make it work for you. We will help you go through and sort items of necessity and items that you no longer need and will enable you to easily access what you need most in your day to day life.
3What are the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer?
EVERYTHING! You will be giving yourself the gift of more time and less stress by the time we are through. The feel of an organized space will lead to a calmer approach in your day to day activities. When your day begins in chaos, it creates unease as you go through the rest of the day. Starting the day with everything you need at your fingertips promotes the belief/thought that everything will fall into place.
4What areas do you service?
I will work in kitchens, pantries, closets, playrooms, offices, bedrooms, basements (upon special request) and more as stated on the home page.
5Will you work with me or do you just tell me what I need to do?
This is a joint effort. We will pick a mutually convenient time for an assessment ($25 fee that will be deducted from your final bill should we work together) and then I will be able to determine approximately how much time is needed for each space that you want to work on. I work in 3-4 hour blocks unless we have otherwise communicated that a larger or smaller time block is all the client can manage. Often, it will take more than one session. Smaller spaces can be done in 2-4 hours, but larger will often need 10-15. It just depends on the client’s goals.
6How do I get started?
You can contact me here to start a dialogue and we will set up a time for an assessment.
7What happens at an assessment?
We will look at the space together to see what is working for you and what is not. I will take measurements of the space and some before pictures so that I can come up with a plan. An intake form should be completed ahead of time. I can send you one or you can complete the form online.
8Are you flexible with your schedule?
We will look at our schedules and find a mutually convenient time. Some clients prefer daytime hours of working while others can only do an evening or weekend slot. I prefer to work in daytime hours but I can be flexible.
9Will my sessions be confidential?
Absolutely! It can be very personal to let someone into your space. I will not discuss one client with another. Before and after photos are for me and will only be shared with a client’s approval. If chosen to be shared, I will not have any identifying items in a picture. Often a client is so happy with an end result that they are excited to share. If so, please feel free to tag me in anything you share yourself!
10What are your rates?
Please see my services and fees page for details.
11What if I only need you for a few hours?
That will not be a problem. I will likely need a minimum of 2-3 hours for any project including set up and clean up, but in some cases, we will be able to complete a project in just a few hours.
12What types of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, checks, Venmo or Paypal.
13Do you have packages?
I offer 5 and 10 hour packages. More information on fees and services can be found here.