Are you a clutter bug?

My name is Erika Schwartz and I'm a Professional Home Organizer. And, I know how it goes: you put something in a pile to get to later and then the pile grows. And grows. And grows. And another pile forms. And so on…

Growing up, I was one of the worst clutter bugs ever, but my life in theatre production turned me onto a path of organization filled with folders and tabs and baskets! Marrying a neat freak helped too!

I am still guilty of a pile or two, but I am pretty quick to tackle it. If you are stuck with piles and disarray or closets you’ve been meaning to tackle, I am here!

How it Works

We’ll start the process with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss the basics of your organizing project.

Next, we'll schedule an onsite appointment in your home.

Our first session begins with a tour of your space. During the visit, I’ll ask lot of questions about your objectives, personal style and what has worked – and, more importantly, hasn’t worked - for you in the past. We’ll also take a look at existing organizing materials and, if needed, we’ll discuss shopping for any new supplies.

Then we get to work organizing! We'll work together to make sure the systems we implement are suited to your needs, habits and preferences.

How long does it take? Each client’s situation is unique… But, each session concludes with teaching you strategies for maintaining your space, taking away donations and booking follow-up sessions as needed.